Information Technology Services

Monash Wireless-Net.

Wireless Internet access at Monash South Africa

Step 1 - Before you start IMPORTANT checks

  • Ensure your laptop has a WiFi compatible wireless network adapter and that the DRIVERS are installed.
  • To access Monash-Wireless-Net, you need a current, working Monash AUTHCATE computer account.
  • Ensure that your Wireless adapter is ENABLED:
In Windows:
  • Go to Start > Settings > Control Panel > Network Connections
  • You should see your wireless adapter in the list and it should be set to Enabled. If it isn't, right click on it and set it to Enabled.
  • Some machines have a separate switch on the laptop that turns the wireless adapter on and off. Consult the user's guide for the laptop and ensure this is switched on.
  • Ensure that all FIREWALLS are disabled (both Windows and Anti-virus firewalls).

Step 2 - Register your laptop´s wireless network adapter

  • Find the Ethernet (hardware / physical) address of the wireless adapter
In Windows:
  • Go to Start > Run>
  • Type CMD and click OK
  • A black box with white text will appear
  • In this box, type IPCONFIG /ALL
  • Depending on the number and / or types of network adapters fitted to the laptop, the information displayed may be in several sections, referring to the different network adapters present on the machine.
  • Locate the section referring to the Wireless Network Adapter (you may need to scroll back through the text using the drag bar to locate this section).
  • Under the wireless section, look for a line starting "Physical Address", eg: Physical Address. . . . . . .: 00-40-96-AE-AE-F3
  • Removing the hyphens ('-'), results in 004096AEAEF3. This is the address which must now be registered.
  • From the Apple Menu, select "System Preferences".
  • Select the "Network" icon
  • Select "AirPort" from the "Show" Pop-up menu.
  • Select the "TCP/IP" tab
  • The number next to AirPort ID is a 12 digit hexadecimal number separated by colons (in the form XX:XX:XX:XX:XX:XX). This is the computer's AirPort (wireless) MAC address.
Register your wireless adapter

Register online at:

  • Enter your AUTHCATE username and password
  • You should see a hostname similar to: -wlan-self.faculty.Do not use -wired-self.faculty as this is for Residence Internet.
  • Enter the Ethernet address of your adapter (without any hyphens or spaces)
  • Enter your contact email address or cell phone number
  • Click Register.

Card registration takes one hour to process. After this time has elapsed, you can continue to steps 3 & 4.

Step 3 Connect to Monash-Wireless-Net

Attach and authenticate to the Monash South Africa network:
  • Double click on the Wifi icon, next to your clock on the task bar (or right-click on Wifi icon to connect).
  • Then connect to "Monash-Wireless-Net".
  • Visit any website in your Internet browser and you will be redirected to a webpage (like below) for authentication. Enter your Authcate credential for Internet access.
  • No web browser Proxy settings required.